Digital Transformation

Change is inevitable. It can also be hassle-free

Digital Transformation is setting new benchmarks of business and growth. It is a means of transforming a traditional, analog business model into a mature, capable and omni-channel model. This means may differ depending on the size of the business or the maturity of its digital operations. The efforts are towards the achievement of the same goal - Enhance the user experience of the customer!

Digital Transformation is more than just a technology switch. For large enterprises, this may involve moving to the cloud or precise decision making with data while for others, it may include adding another touch point such as a mobile application, an e-commerce platform or a virtual reality experience. Organisations of any size can benefit with business process transformation or automation of processes.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Design Strategy can make or break a product. A product designed beautifully but is not intuitive to use enough, can cause years of work to not succeed. At the same time, a shabby or messy design can never appeal to desired audiences.

Our team of world class designers incept designs keeping the end user in mind every step of the way. Customer behavior, audience personas and geographic recipients are evaluated carefully. The final result are deceptively simple yet powerfully result-oriented

Businesses can unlock competitive advantage by distributing classy, wow-able virtual reality experiences to their customers. Better customer experience is key in improving and retaining customer loyalty in a changing world

Online experience is undergoing major changes with how customers perceive and interact with the digital world. The shift in perception augmented by AI and interactive technologies like Augmented Reality(AR), Virtual Reality(VR) and Mixed Reality (MR), is driving multisensory and multimodal user experiences. This unleashes new possibilities to transform interactions throughout the customer experience.

Take the robot out of the human and experience a digital enlightenment with Robotic Process Automation. These powerful tools accomplish repetitive, voluminous and rule based tasks done on a computer at a fraction of the cost and time usually taken.

While the Banking sector has been initial adopters of RPA, companies across industries are utilizing RPA to achieve operational excellence, minimize costs and boost compliance. The best benefit? Your team can now focus their creative energy into meaningful work.

In this new normal, employees no longer have to work within office premises. It is growingly important to stay connected to the rest of their team and complete assignments from anywhere and whenever required, using any of the compatible electronic devices. Enterprise mobility is a strategic approach to empower your team to work flexibly.

With the right people behind you, your enterprise mobility solutions can create new revenue channels, improve field staff efficiency, increase market penetration, and build brand loyalty.

Predictive analytics crunches your data to help you take informed decisions for tomorrow, today! When applied to business, predictive analytics solutions analyze historical and current data to understand products, customers and partners, and identify potential opportunities and risks. 

Predictive analytics solutions involve extracting information from existing sources of data, and determining patterns, and predicting future trends and results. It uses different techniques to make such predictions, like artificial intelligence, statistical modelling, machine learning, etc.

Designing and Deploying an e-commerce platform is the single most important aspect of any business trying to sell online and a lot of strategy goes into the same. We consult to build client-focused digital shopping solutions that deliver tangible business results.

With Tech Progenie, you get a team of design gurus focused on delivering the design that your brand warrants while our team of e-commerce whizzes gets around to developing the platform in a way that is user-friendly for your team to manage.

Our team of QuickBooks support specialists can help you resolve any technical or functional issue with your QuickBooks. Subscribed clients can reach us on their assigned Priority Access Line to get support on priority and skip the IVR-Hassle!

With plans ranging from $299.99 a year to $1,499.99 a year we have a plan that fits your business, whether its a small business or a large Enterprise!

Our engineers can also upgrade your QuickBooks remotely and help you be up-to date with your software, ensuring smooth continuation of your services.

Digital Transformation

Engage with customers, personalize experiences, and build a strong market advantage in the digital age

The Tech Progenie Advantage

There are multiple ways to bring about digital transformation and the means depend on the size of your company and your digital maturity. If you’re not sure where to start, luckily we have experience and the know-how to do this whether you are a SMB or a medium sized enterprise.

Tech Progenie focuses on your biggest points while carefully analysing the gaps in the digital world which usually gives a starting point. All solutions are recommended keeping in mind the bigger picture always - Your customers!

Careful Analysis to Re-Imagine your IT Landscape

Conceptualize ideas to enhance business innovation

Figure out innovative strategies to upgrade digitization

Legacy Modernization of existing systems

Addition of multiple customer facing touch points

Demystify complex IT architecture

Want help with your Digital Transformation journey? You just need to let us know.

Whether you are exploring this or just need to hear more, we have the right Digital Transformation Consultant to talk to you.

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