Collaboration Ownership Agility
Here at Tech Progenie,
we share our experience and take responsibility
Here at Tech Progenie,
we always go the extra MILE
Here at Tech Progenie,
we develop MVP within 1-3 months

Design Genius

The right design is detrimental to the success of your project

Tech Gurus

Leveraging latest and emerging technologies to help you stay ahead of the curve

Content Strategist

Content is not just the King, its the entire Kingdom.

Marketing Whiz

Driving traffic, app downloads, SEO and more? We got you covered.

Innovative Solutions To Boost Your Creative Projects.

Every project is unique and it warrants a cherry-picked team for success! That is where we come in.

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Digital Transformation Solutions

Market ready and aesthetically pleasing e-commerce platform built to impact revenue

We design rich user interfaces for engaging customers and the best user journey.

Modern, fast and feature-rich services for iOS and Android.

Add another touch point for your customers and give them a chance to engage with your brand

Transform your business into a data-driven culture and make informed decisions

Re-invent processes to be smarter, faster, error-free and impact your bottom line

Accelerated Sales Solutions

Bring 40+ years of cumulative sales experice to your company! Tech Progenie is here to consult and set up your very own sales engine. A well-defined sales process sets the path for a company to grow.

Leave all the lead generation, qualification, nurturing, closing, tracking and operational grunt work to us. Let us take care of sales while you take care of business

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